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Benefits of RC Smith Modular Pharmacy Cabinets

Why select modular pharmacy cabinets by RC Smith?

In the need for all new pharmacy cabinets or need to add some to a particular area? Consider modular pharmacy cabinets from RC Smith / MMI Systems.IMG_1520

office shelvesRC Smith has been building modular cabinets since 1965. Others have come and go, but RC Smith remains strong, family owned and operated.

Their cabinets give you the ability to setup your current pharmacy and change as your needs change. RC Smith’s modular post system can stand freely in the middle of the room or against the wall. No need for wall to segregate various areas of your pharmacy from another. No need to install backing in the walls for maximum strength. If your pharmacy’s needs change, the posts can be removed to create an open/ island setup or added to give you upper shelving or cabinets.

Unlike other modular pharmacy systems RC Smith’s system gives you a 500 lb. countertop capacity and more shelving below counter. Not only do we give you more shelving under the counter, our shelving is full depth and easy to access. Each of RC Smith’s modular pharmacy cabinets are a true cabinet. This gives you the ability to have 1, 2, 3, 4 even 5 adjustable shelves and a fixed bottom to keep items off the floor. The lower shelves with a wall strip or panel type systems are usually only around 15″ deep and when used with a 24″ deep countertop they are not easy to access. This only gets worse when the top is deeper. Since these shelves are supported by brackets attached to the panel/ wall strips having more than 2 or 3 adjustable shelves is nearly impossible and not easily adjusted.

RC Smith pharmacy cabinets come in many different forms. Deep vial drawers for an employee/ retail fill area, Tray drawers for your small items and want easy access, Printer shelves/ drawers give you easy access to equipment or open adjustable shelves. Didn’t order some of these drawers originally and need some now? They can easily be added to any RC Smith cabinet at a later date.

Over the years RC Smith’s cabinets have evolved and changed to increase their functionality and durability. Others use laminate on their vertical panel which chips easily. RC Smith uses a 3mm PVC banding matching the laminate which resists chipping from bumps. Others use rubber t-molding on their horizontal edges which can pull out with time. RC Smith rolls the laminate 180 degrees on the bottom panel to avoid damage from your staff using it as a foot rest. Rolled laminate drawer fronts, recessed aluminum drawer pulls and rubber t-molded countertops all add up to decades of service for your pharmacy when equipped with RC Smith’s modular pharmacy cabinets.

For more information on RC Smith Company cabinets or to have us design a new pharmacy for you contact us at, 877-254-7890 or visit RC Smith’s website.

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