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Benefits of RC Smith Modular Pharmacy Cabinets

Why select modular pharmacy cabinets by RC Smith? In the need for all new pharmacy cabinets or need to add some to a particular area? Consider modular pharmacy cabinets from RC Smith / MMI Systems.IMG_1520 RC Smith has been building modular cabinets since 1965. Others have come and go, but RC Smith remains strong, family … Continue reading

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A Better Patient Lift System

What is more important in your healthcare facility than patient & staff safety? Nothing! Each year approximately 700,000 to 1,000,000* falls occur to patients in hospitals. Many of these falls can lead to secondary injuries and possibly law suits. When it comes to moving patients that are a Fall Risk from their bed to gurney … Continue reading

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Let a Pharmacy Designer…Design your new pharmacy

Don’t let just anyone design your next pharmacy. Let a pharmacy design expert do. For the past 40 years Danco Medical as well as reps all across the USA have specialized in pharmacy design and equipment. We don’t design offices, waiting area, building entries, etc., we design pharmacies. Danco Medical as well as other RC … Continue reading

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Full Room Sanitizer

What is the best way to kill an infestation of Insects, Mold, Bacteria and Viruses? Fog… This technique can now be used to make sure every surface seen and unseen in your sterile processing or compounding area is clean of all microbial agents. We are proud to Halo Room Fogger from Sansosil. The units uses … Continue reading

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