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Germfree brings Nuclear Med Hoods back to USA

germfree machineGermfree Laboratories proud maker of 100% stainless steel IV Hoods, Biological Safety Cabinets and Barrier Isolators for the past 50 years introduces a BSC and Isolator for the Nuclear Medicine Dept.

Germfree’s Pharmacy division working closely with Biodex ( and several nuclear medicine departments has developed a new Isolator and BSC based on their LFGI and BBF units. These units feature lead lined walls, acrylic viewing panel and sealed shielded dose calibrator chamber.

The Portable Isolator unit allows compliance with USP Chapter 797 no matter what your department prepares. The BSC version would need to be placed in an ISO 7 cleanroom for all risk levels.

This introduction besides the one of a kind portable isolator brings manufacturing of these units to the USA. This development began after hearing from several Nuclear Med dept managers that getting parts or units repaired was difficult due the companies being overseas. These units will be manufactured at Germfree’s factory in Ormond Beach, FL.

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