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Staying Compliant to USP 797 in Three Easy Steps

Staying Compliant to USP 797 in Three Easy Steps

What is USP 797?

The USP or United States Pharmacopeia Convention is a scientific nonprofit organization that is committed to ensuring quality in the American drug supply. The USP 797 outlines compounding sterile drug preparations and its required procedures.

Putting up a pharmacy in a hospital, care institution, long-term care facility, or other care environment requires you to be compliant to a certain set of standards to help maintain a high quality of care and service for your patients. USP 797 compliance is necessary for hospital pharmacies providing compounding sterile preparations.

Danco Medical Systems, a reputable provider of Pharmacy Fixtures in Tipp City, Ohio, endeavors to help clients maintain USP 797 compliance through quality products and services.

USP 797 demands that you pay attention to three important aspects to ensure compliance: proper staff training and guidance, risk level determination, and implementation of proper regulations and procedures.

Let’s further discuss these three areas below.

  • Staff training and guidance. If your hospital pharmacy provides sterile compounding, then USP 797 will apply to you and your staff, including pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, physicians, and nurses. Training should be in accordance with global standards and should comprise hands-on and situation-based learning.
  • Determining risk levels. When it comes to sterile compounding, the risks to microbial contamination should always be addressed. USP 797 defines three risk levels, the low level, medium level, and high-risk level. Hospital pharmacies providing sterile compounding must be able to accurately identify any of these preparation scenarios and the risk levels they pose.
  • Regulations and procedures. Your pharmacy policies and procedures have to cover certain situations that take place during the compounding process. There are ways to make regulation and procedures development easier. It’s also important to take the necessary steps to ensure that your staff knows what they are doing and are documenting their actions accordingly.

Inpatient hospitals are an important part of the healthcare industry. They are in the business of helping people and saving lives. Hospitals providing sterile compounding in Ohio need to live up to the industry standards of such services, and that means being consistently compliant to USP 797.

Maximize profit and provide a consistently high level of services and products that earn you the trust of your patients. Partnering with Danco Medical Systems to ensure your hospital is in compliance with world-class standards helps speed up the process considerably. Do keep in touch with us if you have inquiries.

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