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For Over 40 Years, Danco Medical Systems Has Specialized in Pharmacy and Laboratory Design.

Our representatives can help you address a problem area in your pharmacy:

Not USP 797/800 compliant?

We can help you layout an area to create an anteroom, chemo, and IV clean room. We can provide a modular USP 797/800 compliant clean room from Carter-Health or 797 compliant isolators from Germfree Laboratories.

Which is right for you for USP 797/800 compliance?

Thinking about clean room or barrier isolators/ Compounding Aseptic Isolator? There are many factors to consider. Facility size, number of doses you prepare, staffing, space. Let our experience guide you to the right choice.

Running out of space in your current pharmacy?

Maybe it is time for a new Med Carousel from PharMax. Maybe some high-density shelving, maybe just better use of the space you have. We can help. We offer pharmacy fixtures in Tipp City, Ohio.

Have you been adding and adding more equipment/technology over the years?

Is it time to sit down and think about where it will work best? Let our staff help with a new pharmacy design, incorporating current and possibly future equipment into your current space in an efficient manner.

Tired of building then knocking down walls as you need more space or need to reconfigure for a new equipment?

All of our types of equipment from R. C. Smith is free-standing, not requiring walls, wall reinforcement, or mounting for maximum weight handling. This gives you the ability to easily change the configuration of your lab or pharmacy should your needs change
  • Germfree Laboratorieshttp://www.germfree.comGermfreeGermfree’s Pharmacy Division includes a comprehensive line of equipment for the health-system pharmacy and cleanroom. We manufacture USP 797/800 and NIOSH compliant Compounding Aseptic Isolators, Biological Safety Cabinets, Laminar Airflow Workstations, Radiopharmacy Equipment and Powder Containment Enclosures. The VersaFlow™ Compounding Aseptic Isolator is an affordable solution to USP 797/800 compliance, both inside and outside of a cleanroom. Established in 1962, GERMFREE has been protecting patients and pharmacists for 50 years.
  • Guldmann **Midwest Medical Equipment, authorized dealer
    GuldmannGuldmann aims primarily to improve the working environment in every part of the social sector where people need to be moved and handled. By supplying beds and lifting equipment as well as services that include advising, education, service and mounting, Guldmann contributes to ensuring the optimum utilization of the resources in the care system, where more time to care will be freed up. Guldmann operates worldwide and all products are manufactured in their own factories.
  • IRSG
    IRSGIRSG’s Wire Shelving is the cornerstone of many storage and display areas in retail spaces. Our customization options give each customer the ability to design the storage that they need by specifying length, depth, height, and mobility. Freestanding and wall-mounted options allow for any unused space to become a new hub for organization or presentation. Through our solution-oriented consulting, you can completely optimize every inch of your limited floor space.
  • Labconco
    LabconcoLabconco manufactures hundreds of products. Ventilation products including laboratory fume hoods, blowers, carbon filtered enclosures, laminar flow biological safety cabinets and clean benches, laboratory animal research enclosures, glove boxes, and balance enclosures comprise its largest line. Other current products include water purification systems, freeze dry systems, glassware washers, multiple sample evaporators, centrifugal concentrators, Kjeldahl apparatus, chloridometers, carts, and desiccators.
  • LAB Design http://www.lab-design.comLAB DesignUnited Hospital Supply Corp, is centrally located on 11 acres in Burlington, NJ. The company has been designing & manufacturing Unit Dose Dispensing Systems and Laboratories for over 40 years. Our free design service allows you to visualize your future Lab or Pharmacy before spending a penny. We have been the recognized leader in the industry and our reputation in the Hospital market is unprecedented. In addition to a VA and GSA contract, we hold more than 20 Hospital Group Purchasing contracts.
  • Migali Scientific
    Migali ScientificMigali Scientific manufactures a complete line of scientific and medical refrigerators and freezers. Each product category is meticulously engineered to meet the specific needs within the life sciences community.
  • R. C. Smith
    R. C. SmithSince 1965, R.C. Smith Company has installed its line of modular casework (modular furniture) in over 3,000 healthcare facilities worldwide. Our products include specialized modular casework for hospital and clinic pharmacies, workstations for medical laboratories, millwork for nurse’s stations and casework for dental clinics.
  • Wearwell
    WearwellOver the past 20 years, Wearwell has been first to market with many products that have moved the market forward and changed the industry. The following are those that most revolutionized anti-fatigue matting.