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Danco Medical Systems’ Cleanrooms are a cost-effective solution to meet ISO-01 to ISO-8 requirements for the Medical and Manufacturing industries.

Designs are customized and very specific to each customer’s workflow requirements and space constraints. Custom layouts not only consider room configuration but also furniture/storage design and ancillary equipment placement. We can provide a modular room or outfit in existing rooms to meet USP 797.

The aluminum modular cleanroom and its components have the ability to be changed in size and cleanliness levels on-site and is almost 100% reusable.

All rooms can accommodate either fan powered or ducted HEPA filters with cleanliness ratings of 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 microns. Room -side replaceable HEPA filters (RSR) is a popular option that allows the HEPA to be replaced from inside the room without exposing your environment to un-controlled air quality located above the ceiling.

Airflow patterns and room pressurization is controlled with low-wall dampening control exhaust louvers.

Product Catalogs

Support equipment is provided with each room including:

  • Gasketed Cleanroom Grade Ceiling Grid
  • Hepa Filters (standard or room side replaceable filters)
  • Non-shedding Ceiling Tile
  • Sealed / Gasketed Lights
  • Pressure Gauges (positive and negative)
  • Pass-thru Boxes
  • Air Pressure Dampers
  • Heat-welded Sheet Vinyl Flooring