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Updated Proposed USP Chapter 800

The United States Pharmacopeia has published an updated USP Chapter 800. This is a follow-up to the original version released in 2014. This updated chapter is based on feedback received during the first comment period.

The proposed USP Chapter 800 addresses the handling and processing of Sterile and Non-Sterile Hazardous Drugs (HDs). It makes reference to USP Chapter 797 which went into effect in 2004. The chapter addresses the equipment and facilities needed to handle/ process these items in order to protect your entire facilities and personnel.

Since our company specializes in Pharmacy Design & Equipment these are the aspects of the new chapter that we have keyed on.

  • They would prefer for Powder Hoods to be vented when working with HDs, but will allow for double HEPA filtration
  • Hoods/ room must be externally vented to create the negative pressure processing space
  • They want a sink for washing/ eye rinsing within 1m of the door to the Buffer/ Hood Room

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