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A Better Patient Lift System

What is more important in your healthcare facility than patient & staff safety? Nothing!

ceiling liftsEach year approximately 700,000 to 1,000,000* falls occur to patients in hospitals. Many of these falls can lead to secondary injuries and possibly law suits. When it comes to moving patients that are a Fall Risk from their bed to gurney or chair what are you doing? Gathering several staff members and hope all goes well? Retrieving a cumbersome hydraulic lift?

How about a new and much safer means of performing this task? Guldmann Ceiling Lifts.

Guldmann Ceiling patient lifts are often an ideal solution for lifting and moving people from one place to another in all kinds of care environments. Hospitals, LTACs, Assisted Living Centers or even at Home.

No need to pull several staff members away from other tasks for what one or two can do with a Guldmann Patient Lift.

This system has the big advantage that it is always ready for use, the lifting modules recharge while mounted on the rail. These lifting modules move near-silently using only a minimum of current. Transitions between rail sections are virtually unnoticeable, for maximum comfort.

It can even be outfitted with sensors to weigh the patient during a move.

patient liftsGuldmann patient lifts are world renowned for:

  • Reliability – with built-in power sources and rapid, effective recharging
  • Comfort – smooth starts and stops, as well as near-silent gliding movement
  • Low cost of ownership – notably low operating costs, maintenance expenditure and energy consumption
  • Responsiveness – always-on availability, prompt reaction times and dual-speed features
  • Safety – sophisticated built-in safety systems, including emergency stop and lowering
  • Ease of use – ergonomically correct control units that are comfortable and intuitive to use

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*Estimate from Currie LM. Fall and injury prevention. In: Patient safety and quality an evidence-based handbook for nurses. Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; 2008. AHRQ Publication No. 08-0043. Available at:

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