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Author Archives: Louise Savoie

4 Simple Tips for Inpatient Pharmacy Design and Remodeling

Do you want to improve your hospital’s inpatient pharmacy? Whether you want to offer new services, enhance your current structure and make it more modern, or if you want to keep up with the latest pharmaceutical trends and technological advancements, Danco Medical Systems is here to help. We offer grade-A Pharmacy Fixtures in Tipp City, … Continue reading

Staying Compliant to USP 797 in Three Easy Steps

What is USP 797? The USP or United States Pharmacopeia Convention is a scientific nonprofit organization that is committed to ensuring quality in the American drug supply. The USP 797 outlines compounding sterile drug preparations and its required procedures. Putting up a pharmacy in a hospital, care institution, long-term care facility, or other care environment … Continue reading

Our New Blog & Website

We offer a complete line of Pharmacy Cabinets, IV Hoods, Refrigerator/Freezers, Carts and Med Carousels- all of which are extensively described on our new website! We have detailed product catalogs for each of our product lines and will be updating this blog with upcoming industry products and news. Our featured product for April is a … Continue reading

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USP Chapter 800 Out for Comment

The United States Pharmacopeia has released a new chapter 800 dealing with the handling and preparation of Hazardous Sterile and Non-Sterile items. The chapter is currently out for comments and should take affect in 2015. The main points of the chapter are the requirement of biological safety cabinets (BSC) to be vented to the outside. … Continue reading

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